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We appreciate your curiosity about our background and are grateful for the opportunity to share it with you. We hope that our story will be both informative and motivating.

All About Us

Servi Plus Enterprises Inc was formed over 25 years ago in the City of Lilburn.

Daniel Figueroa, its founder, began his work as an accountant helping the Hispanic community in the Atlanta area with the help of his inseparable wife Yvette Figueroa. They both started this company with the desire to help many in the financial area.

Daniel Figueroa is known in the commercial field for his representation with the IRS and for helping the Hispanic community establish their businesses with success and prosperity.

He is known for his charisma, kindness and understanding of the needs of the community. His business skills also make him stand out among other accountants since his positive way of handling business makes him prosperous and entrepreneurial. His clients look to him for financial advice, positive words and enthusiasm that make him stand out from others.

Daniel Figueroa is a member of several nationally prestigious organizations such as:

NSTP National Society of Tax Professionals

NSA National Society of Accountants

NATP National Association of Tax Professionals

Public notary

Enroll Agent IRS

His credentials are varied, as each year he takes more than 60 hours in certifications with the IRS in order to offer the maximum of up-to-date knowledge for his clients.

All of his clients are prosperous and highly successful, as they have the professional support of a great family. The Servi Plus family.

Both Servi Plus and all its clients are blessed and prosperous.

Many of its clients constantly declare this, since with honesty, love and gratitude the service that Servi Plus offers to all its clients is manifested.

Many of the clients express month after month the pleasure and success of their companies when they are served by Servi Plus.

Servi Plus is a family and Christian business that has served the Hispanic and Anglo community for more than 25 years, and hopes to serve for many more years.

All Servi Plus clients are cordially attended to by the entire group of Accountants and professionals who work alongside Daniel Figueroa. Everyone is offered a personalized and highly professional service.

Currently Servi Plus Enterprises Inc is located in the city of Snellville. With its new and modern facilities, it offers a service of great quality and professionalism.

It offers many services that make Servi Plus Enterprises a great company, modern, helpful and with a great vision towards a better and prosperous world.

Join this great family and you will see the difference in your finances and business.






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